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Inform children and parents of the TRUE EFFECTS OF DRUGS through Music.

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Ask a drug dealer if he regularly takes his own stuff. He’s not stupid, he rarely takes his own drugs but he smiles at you, shakes your hand and lies like crazy…



Hip Hop, House, R&B, Rock, Reggae, etc. trendy tracks to help make the approach to drugs more easy and groovy for the young ones, with

FREE booklets and FREE PDF files to download about the real effects of many forms of drugs.

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This drug  data has already saved many lives

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Narconon Cape Town, and its Drug prevention program is introduced every day into schools.


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Narconon Cape Town at Work

Narconon Drug Education Cape Town


For those experiencing a drug problem, or knows of someone who is, you will also be given full details of a very effective drug rehabilitation program. This program uses no substitute drugs as part of the rehabilitation process and is offered around the world in many countries.

Informing parents and children as soon as possible can help save many children’s lives and families… And consequently, the future of our society since, who is going to shape it and be part of it? Children…

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Nobody is taking drugs in my family, we are not concerned !

Are you not?

  The Dupont family had the unpleasant surprise, coming back from holidays to find their home devastated by burglars, but not any kind of burglars. Police discovered they were drug addicts in need of a fix, without any money, stealing in order to pay for it.

Emily Bradburn, 85 year old, was savagely attacked by drug addicts trying to steal her wallet. She spent 2 months in a hospital.

Thomas Hadport, 12 year old, was a charming little boy, very happy in his family before, with a brilliant football career ahead, when some students convinced him to try certain substances… He ended up in a drug rehab facility, costing thousands of Pounds Sterling and Rand to sort him out.


Listen to the Tracks and get Real Data about Drugs

What are we swallowing and taking? Is it actually good or actually bad?


To understand this , let’s have a look at the data below…

What is a Substance?What is a Chemical?What is a Drug?
A particular type of matter, liquid, or gas. Ex.: The leaves were covered with a strange sticky substanceMatter, liquid or gas that is transformed to produce another type of unnatural matter, liquid or gas and sometimes toxic or highly toxic.
Some of them are mind-altering and dangerous products
Ex.: Processed food contain chemicals
A chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body. Some are illegal and quite harmful substances (such as heroin, cocaine, LSD, or marijuana) that people take for pleasure. Some are medication that are used to bring relief or treat a physical illnesses.
Ex. : Robert takes drugs all the time and he is pale

Some substances have neither good or bad effects on the body (neutral) but certain cause great damages to the body—blocking, altering and/or perverting its natural functioning. These harmful substances are said to be toxic because they harm the body.

So if you put a drop of toxic substances in your body, this is what you get after a while!

Sick person

“Real pity tomorrow peeps will be sleep walking, I see slavery looming, I see sheep walking”

(Xavier Tchoffo, Hip Rock Track)


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Can we believe in alternative drug rehabilitation systems


Believe it or not but alternative natural curing means exist.

Researchers work every day to discover new natural ways of curing any diseases and drug problems. Cancer; AIDS and many others have been and are still being researched all over the world by doctors.

They are often slandered indirectly by the spreading of false data through newspapers, radio, TV, Internet etc.

Unfortunately, ordinary people are nice and believe in others. When false data are pounded to them day after day, they often do not take the time to check the validity of these slandering campaigns and end up believing in this false data.

They are deprived of true data through pervasive and misleading mechanisms and this, for business purposes.

Chemicals are necessary and this Project does not mean to invalidate great researchers who have helped and are still helping to help people get relief from many pains using them.

Researchers have also discovered that when a disease cannot be cured by mainstream medicine, it is advised to look at the psychosomatic side. It has been discovered than 70% of diseases are psychosomatic.

So yes, our children might actually need certain medicines but do not need certain others and certainly do not need drugs destroying their  bodies and minds


Listen to the Tracks and get Real Data about Drugs

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